We are Organix

We’ve been cooking up scrummy, nutritious baby and toddler meals and snacks since 1992.

It may seem like common sense to us today, but making sure little ones ate a varied diet, full of texture and taste from real fruit and veggies, was a much less talked about idea back then, when our healthy-eating campaigner Lizzie Vann founded Organix.

After searching in vain for healthy organic baby and toddler food she decided to make her own and this was how Organix was born. 

From humble beginnings to the fully-fledged company we have become today, we’re still doing everything we can to put your little one’s health first. Over the years we’ve seen first hand the wonderful challenges being a mum or dad can be and understand when it comes to food you need it to be simple, tasty, healthy and fun! Because when little tums are filled with tasty food you can trust, that’s when the wonder starts.

More about us

Being sustainable

To protect the earth and its resources for future generations we're committed to doing all we can for better food and a better planet.

Making great food

To give little ones the best start possible we promise all our foods are organic, deliciously tasty and are made with love – for food and for children.

Making change happen

To ensure children's food is the best it can be we make our food with love and great care to offer good choices for you and your family.