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Congrats, you have a one-year-old! Time to celebrate and enjoy new textures and flavours with delicious fruit pouches, savoury crackers and sweet biscuits developed specifically for toddlers.

Fruit Pouches

12 months +
Available in singles
Oatmeal, apricot and banana_994_1000
Yoghurt, apple and strawberry_organix
Yoghurt, apple and banana

Toddler Crackers

Mini Cheese Crackers 4x20g carton
12 months +
Available in 4 pack

Toddler Biscuits

Mini Gingerbread Men 5x25g carton
12 months +
Available in 5 pack
Farm Animal Biscuits 100g carton
12 months +
Available in sharing pack

Our Promise

Our promise to you is that all of our foods are always organic and at all times made without unnecessary additives. This is our pledge to you, that shapes everything we do so you know precisely what is and isn't in our foods.